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With Dubai mega-developer Emaar expanding far beyond its all-too-famous Burj Dubai, we look at some of its giant footprints around the world.

October 5, 2008 6:01 by

The Dubai Mall, UAE

Next on the list of Dubai’s grand openings: Emaar’s Dubai Mall, part of the $20 bn Burj Dubai project, a massive construction site that includes not just the tower itself but surrounding developments as well. The Dubai Mall is billed by Emaar as “a mall of epic proportions,” which is “indisputably, the most dramatic retail real-estate development. Not just in the Gulf’s history. But in the world.” Maybe so, but the Dubai Mall is not, as has often been reported, the world’s largest shopping mall. It’s not even in the top five, according to a list compiled by Eastern Connecticut State University in early 2008. Based on gross leasable space, the Dubai Mall will rank sixth in the world with 3.77 million square feet, after two malls in China, one in the Philippines, one in Canada, and one in Turkey. Opening simultaneously will be an aquarium, an Olympic-sized ice rink, and an indoor gold souk (which will be the world’s largest – of course). The unfinished mall is pictured here in a photo taken in November 2007.


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