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Entrepreneurs combat recession

Entrepreneurs combat recession

While some might think it unwise to take risks in the current economic gloom, there are a few who disagree. Kipp takes a look at the power of the entrepreneur.

October 5, 2010 4:16 by

Some, like Ally Pace, have found that the recession has provided the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurship. Pace, who freelances as a copy writer based in Dubai, took a risk by leaving her full time office job but feels it has paid off. She notes that in these recessionary times, corporations prefer to hire experienced freelancers than to outsource it to an expensive agency or use full time in house writing staff.

Setting up a business is not without challenges, however. In the UAE it can prove problematic for most expats because legislation requires the presence of an Emirati partner. But Pace recommends the purchase of a free zone freelance visa, which can be used by a variety of professions – everything from copywriters, designers, marketing consultants to make-up artists. The freelancing visa also allows expats to live and work legally in the UAE even after experiencing a redundancy.

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