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Entrepreneurs combat recession

Entrepreneurs combat recession

While some might think it unwise to take risks in the current economic gloom, there are a few who disagree. Kipp takes a look at the power of the entrepreneur.

October 5, 2010 4:16 by

There are a fair number of recessionary entrepreneur success stories from the UAE circulating the web, so Kipp took a quick look at the local entrepreneurship scene.

Cabarles Flowers: from fresh to hand-crafted flowers
Consider the example of Cabarles Flowers, a Dubai flower shop that suffered significant losses in the recession. After sales dropped by 30 percent, managing director June Cabarles ventured into handcrafted flowers in an attempt to boost sales. His hand crafted efforts – made from locally produced articles like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, almonds, dried roses, shells of peanuts and pistachio nuts – offer his hotel and office clients the chance to save up to 80 percent while retaining the aesthetics of their fresh flowers order.

Wild Peeta- Dubai first fusion shawarma shop

Over a year ago two Emirati brothers started a fusion shawarma shop in Dubai Healthcare City with a desire to provide a local option for healthy fast food. Incurring their fair share of setbacks and disappointments, (including a massive flooding which put them out of business for four months), the Wahadi brothers are now pleased with the positive returns of their venture and they have two new outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the pipeline.

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