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Entrepreneurs combat recession

Entrepreneurs combat recession

While some might think it unwise to take risks in the current economic gloom, there are a few who disagree. Kipp takes a look at the power of the entrepreneur.

October 5, 2010 4:16 by

The Foo Dog- Creating 3D Canvases
Dubai Men’s College alumnus Mohammed Abedin created The Foo Dog, a company that supplies eight-inch vinyl dolls to artists, painters and customizers. The Japanese-inspired dolls are essentially a canvas in 3-D, offering a form of self-expression, according to Wyne in Gulf news. Upon completion, The Foo Dogs were showcased in an exhibition and then auctioned – the proceeds of the auction went to the artists. Currently mass produced versions of MEGA dolls are available at Virgin for AED 149 a piece. When asked what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Dubai, Abedin told Wyne, “The only way to learn to be an entrepreneur is to be an entrepreneur. Others can help and advise, but you only really learn your business by going about it. Tenacity, persistence and a sense of humor are essential.”

Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship
And then there are those that are entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship. Case in point, the Emirati twins who launched the Shelter in 2009. Rashid Bin Shabib and Ahmad Bin Shabib, co-founders of Shelter, converted a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Al Quoz to provide office space and support material needed for budding entrepreneurs, from freelance writers, to architects, and bloggers. The Shelter has since developed a reputation for being the center of the arts scene in Dubai and alternative entertainment as it also houses a mini-cinema, a large reception space to hold events, and a café operated by More Cafe. Or how about Claire Fenner and Georgie Hearson foray into the world of entrepreneurship with Heels & Deals in April 2009, a networking organization set up exclusively for businesswomen in the UAE. Heals & Deals, which provides an avenue for businesswomen of the region to network and seek advice from their colleagues, now has 160 members and 1,300 women on its database.

Now, to help identify the entrepreneurs of the future, Al Ahli Holding has teamed up with the British Council to stage the first Global Youth Forum in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday and Thursday. The forum will bring together young, future entrepreneurs from around the globe (from Jordan, South Africa , Argentina , Brazil , United Kingdom and one hundred Emirati students). It’s hoped the students will discover, identify and grow their entrepreneurial skills, create multinational networks, and discuss significant issues concerning their future.

Rajeeb Day, CEO and visiting speaker says, “Entrepreneurs are not limited by geographical boundaries. We may be from different countries but we share a common culture; a desire to make a difference, a desire to add value and create opportunities in the world through business and social enterprise.”

Visiting speaker and Entrepreneur Diana Bird from Wedgecard says, “When like minded people meet an energy is created. Entrepreneurship is all about energy, exploring new ideas and meeting new contacts. This Forum is an important first step for these young people.”

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