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Exclusive Research: UAE and KSA Online Shopping experience

Exclusive Research: UAE and KSA Online Shopping experience

Kipp collaborates with YouGovSiraj to bring you exclusive weekly UAE and KSA research under our latest section, Vox Populi. This week’s research covers online shopping behaviour. Precious de Leon reports.

July 11, 2011 1:04 by

The first in a series of weekly exclusive research from Kipp’s collaboration with YouGovSiraj brings you, dear Kipp reader, some stats on online shopping in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Here’s some more key takeaways:

  • Almost half in the UAE buy online, but less than a third do in Saudi Arabia.
  • In Saudi Arabia the income bracket of $2666-$5332 showed more shopping frequency, with 54 percent saying they regularly buy online. Meanwhile, a majority those in the lower and higher income ranges (below $2666 and higher than $5332) say they have “never bought anything online”.  Alternatively, in the UAE, income ranges from $1600 all the way to above $5333 say they regularly buy items and services online.”
  • The main items and services people buy online are: (1) travel products (flight tickets, hire car, hotel reservations), (2) physical products (books, clothing, electronics), (3) tickets and vouchers (dining, concert), (4) downloadable items (music, movies, MP3s).
  • Only about a third of those who have used local brand websites say they have never faced any problems with them – the main problems were security, broken sites and pages loading too slowly
  • The top reason to shop online (chosen by a third) is that you don’t have to go to the mall or store to buy something (even those aged 18-29, which are normally regarded as frequent mall visitors)– some people may be physically unable to get there, while others may simply dislike busy shopping centres.
  • Credit card fraud and lack of trust in local websites are the top barriers to online shopping, suggesting improved security or protection might help drive online sales

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