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Expats in Kuwait treated unfairly

Expats in Kuwait treated unfairly

The Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHRS) claims expatriates who unwittingly registered with bogus companies in Kuwait are being treated unfairly.

July 21, 2009 4:21 by

The Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHRS) has received several complaints regarding the deportation of large numbers of expatriate workers who were registered with fake companies. In a statement, the KHRS said that although it supports the steps being taken to counter the establishment of fake companies and end human trafficking, the administrative decision to deport these workers was unjust and their rights should be upheld.

“These expatriates have gone through a great deal to come to the country for work,” said the statement. “Thus, they should not be held responsible for the violations that take place regarding the legal issuing of their residency permits. The responsibility for these violations should be placed on the residency traffickers.”

The KHRS called for steps to be taken to ensure that these workers are not treated unfairly, suggesting that one way of doing this would be to issue them with valid residency permits with companies they have previous worked for or could obtain work with.

The human rights group said that Kuwait is a democratic country governed by clear laws and regulations, which should not tolerate such injustices being inflicted on these helpless expatriates. It added that the concerned authorities should ensure that the workers receive fair treatment and justice to resolve all the issues they suffer from.

First seen in Kuwait Times.

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