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Explosive device intercepted on US-bound flight in Dubai

Explosive device intercepted on US-bound flight in Dubai

Dubai authorities say explosive device contains same chemical used in last year's failed bomb plot on a Detroit-bound plane. Analysis

October 30, 2010 4:29 by

Explosive devices disguised as printer cartridges on two flights bound to the US were intercepted in Britain and in Dubai on Friday.
The two devices that were intercepted were on cargo planes; the first package was intercepted on a UPS cargo plane at Nottingham, England, on early Friday. UAE authorities intercepted a similar explosive package on a FedEx flight in Dubai. Both packages are reported to have originated in Yemen, addressed to Jewish synagogues in Chicago.

The discovery of the explosive package has raised the concerns about flights originating from Yemen. An Emirates passenger flight from the UAE headed to the JFK airport in New York was escorted by fighter jets because it was carrying cargo from Yemen.

Dubai authorities have said the parcel that was intercepted bore ‘Al Qaeda hallmarks’. According to the BBC, the device contains pentaerythritol trinitrate (PETN). The failed plot to bomb a Detroit bound plane last December contain PETN as well.

As investigations around the explosive devices continue, FedEx and UPS have said they will be suspending all flights and shipments out of Yemen.

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