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Expo 2020 development plans revealed at Destination Dubai 2020 event

Helal Saeed Al Marri

Dubai to host some 25 million visitors for Expo 2020

January 29, 2014 5:39 by

The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) recently announced their plans to develop all the required facilities leading up to the Expo 2020, along with the coming construction of the tallest commercial tower in the world, Burj 2020. The Destination Dubai 2020 conference revealed that the Expo 2020 will require AED 39.23 billion ($8.8 billion) of investment to carry out all the facilities and to host the event itself.

The United Arab Emirates government will be providing a significant amount of funding for the Expo 2020, according to Helal Saeed Al-Marri, who explained that there was also an opportunity for private sectors and foreign direct investment to invest in the build up of the event as well as during the event itself. Furthermore, the newly created Higher Committee, assigned especially for the coming event, will be overseeing all activities and developments that the government units are responsible for, which will ensure all projects are carried out on time.

Among the several projects expected to be developed for the Expo 2020, hotels are a key factor that will ensure accommodation is available for the expected 25 million visitors that will be attending the event, 70 per cent of which will be coming from outside the UAE. Hence, the number of hotels is expected to double, with a number of high standard three and four star hotels among them.

“The Expo site requires significant infrastructure and development, and the team is working on designs for this. This will be very project based,” says Al-Mirri. “The other side is city readiness. [The event] will require significant development around the city.”

In addition to the accommodation and event sites that will be implemented around Dubai in the next few years, the Burj 2020 is a highly anticipated structure set to begin construction in 2015 and to be built by 2020. The tower is supposed to be the tallest commercial tower in the world, as was revealed by Ahmed Bin Suleyman, the executive chairman of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, who explained that the tower would be built from steel, which makes the construction process more efficient and timely. “It is catering to multi-national corporations that need 10-20 floors,” Suleyman stated, highlighting the fact that the tower is anticipated to attract large international corporations.

Thus, the preparation for the Expo 2020 not only requires development of the actual Expo site, but it involves quite some preparation of the city itself considering the fact that the city will be hosting some 25 million visitors who will be considering Dubai their home for the allocated time.

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