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Facebook toots its horn with infographic – Likes, likes. What about dislikes?

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We can't deny our love-hate relationship with Facebook and we can't ignore their advertising power, even with fat Google sitting higher...

October 2, 2012 9:11 by

All companies love to toot their own horn and why shouldn’t they have that delightful privilege? Facebook does it too and why should they be any better? Sorry, Kipp meant ‘different’.

You can love or hate the social networking giant but the fact is that in spite of their struggle to scrape the crumbs of the global advertising pie with fat Google sitting in the arm chair devouring slice after slice, they still remain a relatively powerful media platform.

In the info-graphic below, their relatively new method aimed at promoting their ‘power of advertising’, Facebook labels itself as a very engaging place and that the social network receives globally 3,200,000,000 likes and comments on a daily basis. Now, whether you are a Twitter fanatic, Kipp doesn’t know but that has got to be a staggering number right? I wonder why they don’t mention the number of dislikes a day…

Too bad that over 15 percent of online traffic is driven by bots though. Yes, we said it. But to be fair, Mashable said it first and in all fairness, they were talking about online traffic in the United States, but why should the Middle East or any other major region be any different?

Without further ado, we present to you some food for thought in the form of an image.

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