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Female Role


Women are beginning to play a vital role in GCC businesses – and society’s reaping the benefits.

June 30, 2012 7:03 by

Instead, companies will need to im­plement internal programs to recruit, develop, and retain women employees. This will require solving a number of so­cial, occupational, and legal challenges, with roots in long-standing and sensitive cultural attitudes in the region. There are clear benefits to be claimed. The compa­nies that take the lead in this issue will help address the GCC’s unemployment problem among nationals. They will also assume a key role in shaping the future of women in the region.

Most significant, they will tap into a base of talented national women that is well-educated and eager to join the workforce, giving these companies a long-term competitive edge.

But for the healthy growth of women, who feel more empowered in the after­math of the Arab Spring, the number of women job creators is necessary. Cartier International has been working with Women’s Forum, INSEAD and McKin­sey and Company in this direction. Pres­ident and CEO of Cartier International Bernard Fornas said in a statement: “We are driven by a dual goal: to foster the spirit of enterprise, but also to spotlight and assist women-led businesses so they could build jobs and serve as role models to others.

“We chose start-ups because our own culture is rooted in a pioneering spirit and we believe in boosting initiatives, giving them a firm hold on the business ladder, and creating a network of innova­tion and goals,” said Fornas.


By William Pickett from TRENDS


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