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After almost 90 years of service, Ferrari continues to be the undisputed king of the road.

October 28, 2008 6:56 by


There is much to trademark with the Ferrari brand – the prancing horse logo, the specific tone of red, the distinctive sound – and there are pitfalls in allowing a luxury brand to go too mainstream. Ferrari, knowing that not every fan will be able to afford one of its cars, needs to generate revenues off non-automotive products. It has been meticulous in quality control, linking with specialist suppliers to develop a range of laptops (Acer), bikes (Colnago) and watches (Girard Perregaux). There are now 22 Ferrari stores worldwide. The list of merchandise includes baby seats, scooter helmets, swimming trunks, skateboards and leather driving gloves. You can also buy a CD featuring the sound a Ferrari engine.


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