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First impressions on social media can make or break you

Kipp chuckles at a rather interesting info-graphic that shows the relationship between one's social media impression and their hiring appeal

September 2, 2012 3:30 by

Whether we like it or see it is morally presumptuous, we have to accept the fact that the world has drastically changed. Connections are made in heartbeats, information is exchanged rapidly, rumours find their away around and first impressions are made without our knowledge. And those types of first impressions prove to be even more challenging to overwrite.

Even if you don’t wish to share certain parts of your social and personal life, people can trace it. Either you choose to completely erase your digital presence, tie your privacy setting ropes tight or simply behave yourself on the web.

A rather interesting info graphic, courtesy of column five media and shows that approximately 86 percent of potential employers may search and look into your social profile. What they find is up to you, there is no doubting that, but you may just find that the impression it leaves could make or break you.


You may not want to be judged nor think that it is fair for others to judge your ability and professionalism by viewing posts linked to your social life. However, employers often fear that potential employees hide behind a fake mask of professionalism and good ethics while showing their true colours elsewhere. Besides, they just want to make sure they are making the right choice. Is it wrong? Who’s to say…

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