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Five best-selling foods during Ramadan 2014


Kippreport is curious to know what were the best-selling food products this Ramadan

August 10, 2014 5:59 by

Now that Ramadan is over and we have all woken up from hibernation, Kippreport is curious to know what were the best-selling food products this Ramadan.

Ajith Kumar Das, store manager of Choithrams in Umm Suqeim, tells Kipp about the retailer’s best selling food products during the Holy Month.

“All of our stores do very well during Ramadan,” notes Das. “It is usually the same products every year that are the most popular.”

The store manager explains that, during Ramadan, families tend to prepare meals in very large quantities, because whatever they cook during the Holy Month, they share with others. “I have never seen this kind of buying in my life, these big families share a lot with others, so they buy more,” he states. “People cook much more than what is needed, so they can share with others, but the problem is that lots of food is wasted.”

“Within the food department, we tend to have a 20 per cent increase in sales during Ramadan,” explains a supervisor at Geant in Ibn Battuta Mall.

Here are Choithrams’ highest selling food products during Ramadan 2014:

1. Rice

2. Sugar

3. Desserts, such as Kataif

4. Samosas

5. Vimto and Rousa syrup (rose juice)

“Sweets, rice and meat are extremely popular during Ramadan. The rice packets we display on the shelves are usually gone as soon as you turn around. The same goes for sugar,” says Das. “During Ramadan, we tend to stock up on minced meat, both beef and chicken. Many customers are interested in frozen puff pastry squares, so they can make samosas quickly and easily.”

The main products that Choithrams tends not to sell during Ramadan are chips and snacks, according to Das. “These are things that you eat in between meals, so nobody is interested in these during Ramadan.”

“During Ramadan, apart from food products, the household department is also very popular, we have an increase of sales of blenders, toasters and juicers,” explains Geant’s supervisor.

Another product that is extremely popular during the Holy Month, although it is not a part of Choithram’s top five, is Laban Up. “Customers usually buy Laban Up in bulk and have it to break their fast,” Das points out.

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