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Five most in-demand job designations in the Middle East


Junior Executives top the list, according to

August 25, 2014 12:32 by

Middle Eastern companies are looking to hire junior- and mid-level executives in the next three months, reveals’s Middle East Job Index Survey.

Canvassing 2,279 individuals from the GCC, North Africa, Levant and Asia, and Western expats in the region, of whom 2,001 were employed, with the five most popular designations being:

1. Junior Executive

2. Manager

3. Executive

4. Co-ordinator

5. Senior Executive

From this, it is clear that the UAE market is currently welcoming younger applicants, as was the case during the last wave, because more than a third of individuals surveyed stated that they will definitely be hiring in the next three months. Of this group of respondents, 67 per cent stated that they would be hiring for up to ten jobs, and seven per cent for more than 50 jobs.

“According to the Middle East and North Africa Job Index survey, most companies are planning to hire people for junior- or mid-level executive positions. Approximately 11 per cent are planning to hire for C-suite positions. Yet, managerial skills are the most sought after (42 per cent), followed by computer skills (31 per cent) and experience in sales and marketing (30 per cent),” explains Suhail Masri, VP of sales at

“There is a clear improvement in the number of jobs to be available in the coming three to 12 months, especially in GCC countries. At, we have seen a regional increase in terms of the numbers of employment opportunities, and this is a good indicator of the growth and development,” Masri continues. “Construction and banking and finance are considered to be the top two industries which are attracting/retaining top talent in the countries respondents are residing in.”

The survey results, collected between June 10 and July 31, and released earlier this month, aim at measuring perceptions of job availability and identifying current trends.

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