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Flying solo—Singles boast easy living, no one is impressed

Flying solo—Singles boast easy living, no one is impressed

What makes a singles pad different from a families? Not that much apparently, except the bachelors would much rather stick together. Precious de Leon cuts through the cheese.

August 29, 2011 3:06 by

What constitutes the perfect pad for single people? Well according to a Q&A that ran in the Gulf News, apparently a ‘pad’ is perfect for singles if it’s close to their work, if it’s a developing area near a mall, and if there are other singles living around you. These are some of the reasons the four people GN spoke to gave when asked about their own ‘single pad’.

Of course no wedded couple or people with kids would ever want to live near their work, or near a mall where there’s access to shops and groceries. Why ever would they want that?

The extended vox populi shares many an interesting insights including the implication that all families and children suffer from acrophobia and general bouts of vertigo and should not then consider living in Burj Khalifa. As Burj Khalifa’s 21st floor resident single Daryl Patni says “The Burj Khalifa is a great option for singles or young couples. The building is, however, not ideal for families with children. Why wouldn’t it be suitable for families? Patni doesn’t explain but we wouldn’t go farther for an explanation other than a desire for certain tenants to keep the building child-free. As Patni says, “I particularly enjoy the comfort and peace associated with high-end vertical living. But, of course, that’s just our guess.

Another gem that stood out in this Perfect Pads article is when banker (and bachelor) Firas Mohammad talks about his digs at Al Khail Gate. Alarm bells went off when he said that there’s “a claus in the tenancy contract that also allows bachelors to share apartments.” Although it says there’s a maximum allowance of four people in a two bedroom apartment, our memory at Kipp tells us there’s no such clause in the law. Gulf News, indeed, published an article just last month about how Subletting of homes is illegal in the UAE.

So how is this clause allowed? Well we’re sure Al Khail Gate developers Salwan Property Management has run this little clause passed the authorities. Okay, we’re pretty sure. Right? Right? Or maybe the trick us to say you’re not in a sublet apartment. Rather, you are sharing accommodations.

It’s all in the terminologies we suppose—whether it’s about sharing accommodations or about the peace and tranquility of vertical living.

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  1. MK on August 31, 2011 6:45 am

    Sharing accommodation in Burj Khalifa…now how about that as an idea Kipp?
    Then we can all afford vertical living :)


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