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Four examples of great work on Facebook for FMCGs – full of truths


Nickolaas Langereis is the director of social media for Starcom MediaVest Group MENA

August 18, 2014 11:59 by

By Nicolaas Langereis

Through this article series, we try to inspire you with campaigns across multiple Social Media Channels and multiple industries. Hopefully some of them will be new to you, but if they are not, I hope you will find these case studies inspiring and useful. I will try to shed some light on why the campaigns are so powerful and why the ‘social element’ is such a vital part of the campaign. These particular campaigns truly reveal or emphasize a ‘truth’ of human nature.

1. Dove Men+Care #RealDadMoments:

Why: This campaign could be seen as a way to connect to the emotional side of a man, and more specifically a father. The ad that ran across continents has been seen over 20 million times on YouTube. The #RealDadMoments hashtag was utilized across channels just before Father’s Day and then captured at Dove MenCare’s Fatherhood page:

Why do I think it worked?

We are again talking about a truth. I know from experience that being a father is also being open emotionally; you share intimate moments that you will never forget. Although you are a man, you also care. Hence Men+Care = #RealDadMoments. The step to user generated content with this title was small and the results are impressive: over 20.000.000 views and over 70.000 social shares to date. Although this campaign was popular I think by leveraging #RealDadMoments even more as a long term strategy could take them towards the stardom status of the main brand: Dove, with their award winning approach to women’s duty.


2. Newcastle beer:

Why: This great Facebook fueled campaign was all about finding a way to leverage on one of the biggest events of the year, “The SuperBowl”. Everyone knows (and mostly loves) the crazy expensive ads that air during the SuperBowl. Commercials where you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to be seen. As Newcastle is one of Heineken USA’s smaller brands they were not able to afford to spend on the ad or the timeslots. The result: The greatest ad of all time that was not made.

Why do I think it worked?

The challenge for the brand was to become the most talked about brand around the Super Bowl without actually creating a full-fledged TVC. They found an edge to tap into a fact (or a truth) where the last couple of years Digital, including Social, was ‘the’ platform of choice for people to talk about these pre-game ads. The creative agency then worked out a story board that would match the “greatest and most expensive ad not made”.
The results: it was the most talked about brand on Facebook surrounding the date of the Super Bowl for 2 days.


3. A1 Steak Sauce:

Why: This campaign is all about humanizing a brand. What happens if you have brand that wants to be associated with more than 1 product? You will try to diversify your message. So what happens if you apply this same philosophy on the human side of a brand? You will get this campaign:

Why do I think it worked?

Facebook is all about human interactions. Your best friend’s wedding album will receive likes and so does your son’s first baby picture. It is also a place where you can reconnect with an old classmate, a long lost flame and where all your loves and interests are displayed to the world. As an avid Facebook user, I think it is great to see that this brand really understood what it meant to move and talk in that space. With over a million views on YouTube and over a 100.000 Facebook fans they are on the right track.


4. P&G proud sponsor of moms:

Why: P&G wanted to focus on a combined effort of their diverse brands for the Winter Olympics. Again proving that ‘planning for the moment’ can really work. They looked for a universal truth; that your biggest fan is always your mom. This is also true for athletes, so what better than talking about the pride of mom’s than by creating “P&G Proud Sponsor of Mom’s” campaign.  The Hashtag #ThankYouMom is still being used with follow up campaigns.

Why do I think it worked?

I think it makes a lot of sense to focus on the most important decision maker of the household when talking about FMCG. The results: 655.705 Facebook shares, 29.098 Twitter shares and over 20.000.000 views worldwide it is one of best campaigns to date. With a second campaign about the Special Olympics stealing our hearts just in time for last Mother’s day, P&G is doing a great job at positioning themselves as a lovable and caring company.

Please let me know what you think and/or let me know what the next topic should be.



About the author:

Nickolaas Langereis is the Director of Social Media for Starcom MediaVest Group MENA. Through his work, he came across some really amazing best practices across Social Media channels.
Please feel free to share your comments regarding these cases, as he will be contributing to the Kippreport on a bi-weekly basis. You can reach him via @nclangereis to ask questions or give suggestions.

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