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Four successful LinkedIn channel strategies, finding your R&R


By Nick Langereis

September 1, 2014 11:47 by

Through this article series we try to inspire you with campaigns across multiple Social Media Channels and multiple industries. Hopefully some of them will be new to you, but if they are not, I hope you will find these case studies inspiring and useful. Today we will focus on LinkedIn, and the power of R&R (Reason and Relevancy) within Channel strategies.

1. Microsoft:


Microsoft has been able to create an engaging page, which is not only an extension of what they are as a company; it also encourages discussion and feedback.  With more than 1.8 million followers Microsoft is certainly a brand to be reckoned with on LinkedIn. Of course, the reputation as a reputable employer ensures that people will flock to the company no matter what they are sharing on this channel. But as they have been developing this channel over the years, they only recently started to create engaging content for it.

What is working?

Microsoft has been creating (or buying) content that people like to engage with when they are on LinkedIn. Most of the visitors are in a business state-of-mind. They like to read and inform themselves on content that is educational and informative. And, as we are talking about Social, they like to look at articles or videos that they themselves can easily share with their contacts. Microsoft finds a reason to be there, and then is able to create relevancy for the people on the channel. Microsoft is delivering on all these fronts and they are getting engagement with it.  Just looking at the last 10 posts puts you in touch with both corporate wins being celebrated and content that is developed just for their LinkedIn page.

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