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Fraud in Dubai

The emirate has witnessed high-profile fraud cases worth millions of dollars in the last year.

June 23, 2009 12:54 by

Corrective measures

In April this year, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s ruler said the city would continue fighting ongoing corruption. “There is no room for corruption and the corrupt,” he said during a web discussion with journalists. “In all corruption cases, people are not only prosecuted and punished, administrative and legal holes that they exploited to commit their crimes are plugged.”

“These cases are a sign of the Government’s clear interest in improving management of firms and its commitment to principles of proper accountability,” he said. “No one in the Emirates is above the law and accountability.”

He also appointed an independent team to investigate alleged corruption in companies in Dubai, which has started presenting its case against Deyaar in the court this week.

In August last year, Dubai’s public prosecutor, Issam Al Humaidan, promised to crackdown on corruption.

“The government will continue to have a strict stance against all aspects of corruption and will take legal measures against violators” in both the public and private sectors, he said in a statement.  “There are strict directives to have zero-tolerance towards all aspects of corruption, bribery and taking advantage of official positions,” he added.

Abdullah Al Hussein, director of the UAE Economy Ministry’s Control Department also said late last year that the country was planning to introduce strict laws to curb fake products in its market and protect copyrights and intellectual property.  “The Ministry is currently discussing several new deterrent laws to fight trade fraudulence at the UAE level,” he said.


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