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GCC ranks high on Human Development Report

GCC ranks high on Human Development Report

According to a recent report released by the UN, the Gulf States are doing well in terms of human development, but not too well when it comes to gender equality.

October 7, 2009 4:48 by

While the UAE comes next, Bahrain occupies the 39th spot, Oman, the 56th spot, and lastly, Saudi Arabia at the 59th place, with an HDI of 0.843.

The Human Development Report also includes the gender empowerment measure (GEM) which reveals whether women take an active part in economic and political life of the country.

“It tracks the share of seats in parliament held by women; of female legislators, senior officials and managers; and of female professional and technical workers- and the gender disparity in earned income, reflecting economic independence,” says the report.

Interestingly, among the GCC countries, the UAE ranks the highest, coming 25th in a list of 109 countries in the GEM, with a value of 0.691. Bahrain ranks 46th, followed by Oman at 87th place, Qatar at 88th place, and lastly, but not surprisingly, Saudi Arabia occupying the 106th place. Kuwait was not ranked in the GEM.

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