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Get Smart!: Mobile device behaviour in Saudi and the UAE

Get Smart!: Mobile device behaviour in Saudi and the UAE

46% still prefer Nokias, say what? Kipp enlists the help of our dear friends at YouGov to get a better understanding of mobile usage here in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

January 18, 2012 2:08 by

In our mobile phone loving society where kids change phones as often as EIDA extends deadlines, would you really believe that 46 percent, yes that is forty six percent (you read right), still prefer to use Nokia phones? Blackberry and Apple follow miserably after accounting for 19 and 16 percent respectively of the phones our respondents said they use most often.

Kipp found out all kinds of crazy things about phone usage, when our friends at YouGov surveyed over 1,500 people in the UAE and KSA. Some of the more interesting findings include-a healthy 10 percent of people say they download ten or more apps a month. 10 apps! Unsurprisingly getting cheaper internet access is the number one complaint mobile phone users had and with 1GB data package going for no less than Dh100-odd, it really is no surprise.
Anyway, check out our nifty inforgraphic on the matter. Click on it for a larger nicer better view.

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