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GITEX 2011: Redefine the Future

Information technology enthusiasts have their calendar marked on October 9 for GITEX’s annual weeklong exhibition. Just how much do you know about GITEX though? Kipp takes a look at the history, finance, success, and other aspects of the region’s biggest ICT event.

October 6, 2011 12:27 by

Success and Failure

With targets and goals such as encouraging ICT spending in the MENA and raising awareness on the importance of various aspects and usage of ICT, it is difficult to fully assess the success and failure of GITEX.  However, many other facts and figures might help us in this task.

To start with the success, GITEX has skillfully managed to attract not only hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, but also the biggest names in the industry. In fact, Microsoft announced the launch of its Windows 7 at GITEX 2009. Also, in a city with the biggest tower and two highest-rated hotels, Panasonic displayed their “World largest TV screen” at GITEX 2008. In addition the high sales witnessed by the exhibitors (AED 175 million in 2010) encourage them to continue marketing and selling their business and services at GITEX.

On the other hands, one of the few failures we could think about is the low footfall witnessed by GITEX in 2008 amid the financial crisis. This could not but leave us to point out that customers—individuals and businesses—will certainly not be interested in spending money on new TVs, computers, or software solutions.


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