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GITEX 2011: Redefine the Future

Information technology enthusiasts have their calendar marked on October 9 for GITEX’s annual weeklong exhibition. Just how much do you know about GITEX though? Kipp takes a look at the history, finance, success, and other aspects of the region’s biggest ICT event.

October 6, 2011 12:27 by

Real Deals?

Many shoppers wait for the GITEX to buy their desired mobile, gadget, laptop, or camera. This is because most of them believe that they will get a better deal at this event. But is that really the case? Is it worth waiting sometimes months to buy your product?

Well the answer to these questions is obviously subjective and varies according to what is it that you are looking to buy. Some exhibitors do indeed offer attractive deals and discounts, while others offer you a free laptop case for example.

To make the image clearer, the following is but a small sample of some promotions and deals offered at the 2010 GITEX:  Jumbo electronics offered free 500GB hard drives with every laptop purchase, HP offered a 50 percent discount on the price of a colored cartridge upon the purchase of black ink printer cartridge, and Jack’s Electronics offered the chance to win a 32 inch LCD TV every 15 minutes with every purchase of AED 250 or more.


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