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GITEX 2011: Redefine the Future

Information technology enthusiasts have their calendar marked on October 9 for GITEX’s annual weeklong exhibition. Just how much do you know about GITEX though? Kipp takes a look at the history, finance, success, and other aspects of the region’s biggest ICT event.

October 6, 2011 12:27 by

Future of GITEX

This year, GITEX                will celebrate its 31st anniversary. During the past three decades, GITEX witnessed some major changes in terms of scope, size, and turnout.  In regards to the future, it is difficult to anticipate what direction GITEX will be heading to and the challenges it will face. This is because ICT is a field that is constantly changing and developing.

What we may witness over the upcoming years is a focus on the public and governmental sector’s ICT spending and investment. Governments worldwide are increasingly catching up with the ICT train and are applying technological enhancements to their services. Another issue that might be central in future GITEXs is green technology.

However, with little competition in the region, will GITEX set its own direction or will it be carried away by the international developments and market and consumers demand?


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