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Going green in JLT

A great custom-made solution for all those who are conscious of the health benefits of going veggie

July 1, 2014 4:49 by

When Roma Megchiani talks about vegetarian cuisine, they don’t look or sound like the boring plate of greens that one often spoons up in a feeble attempt to lose that extra flab. Instead, she offers a great custom-made solution for all those who are conscious of the health benefits of going veggie- 77 Veggie boutique. Here, she tells us more:


1. What is the concept behind 77 Veggie boutique?

A healthier lifestyle- we work to propagate sensible eating and also to be a healthy option for all those who believe that good dining choices are paramount to a healthier well-being.

2. What made you start a healthy eating boutique?

It all started out with my concerns for healthy eating options for my two children. Over the years, I faced considerable difficulty while travelling with my kids as there was a shortage of dining outlets that offered fresh, organic food. To this concern, I added my catering work experience and the result was 77 veggies boutique.

3. Healthy eating and healthy take-away joints have sprung up in almost every corner across the city. How do you feel 77 veggie boutique is different?

Presently, we do at least 50 deliveries a day to customers across Dubai and their feedback has been simply amazing. Our customers realise why we are different and that is the reason why they have opted to have us deliver their meals. While a lot of outlets do promote healthy eating as well as healthy cooking, our healthy meals concept starts right from the farm. We source the choicest of organic vegetables from the farms and make sure that in every step of the way, our end-product is fine-tuned to our customer’s choice.

Working mothers understand us very well because they realise that grocery shopping and healthy cooking, while important, can be quite a daily challenge. So, they do understand the value of a healthy meal at their doorstep. We currently deliver organic meals from Jebel Ali to Mirdiff in 45 minutes and offer a variety of menu options for our customers.

4. Do let the readers know what happens in the 77 Veggie boutique kitchen?

Sure, the first step is definitely sourcing fresh, organic produce from popular farms such as Organic Food Trading. Our kitchen boasts of German technology-backed appliances meant to ensure that meals and food items are not robbed of their nutrient values, yet their freshness remains intact. As a rule, we do not use any fryers or freezers, as we believe, they do not work well in retaining quality in food products.

5. UAE is still battling with obesity. What do you think are some of the most ignored principles of healthy eating in Dubai?

UAE has definitely gone a long way to spread awareness about a healthier lifestyle. Plenty of efforts have gone in to educate children and parents on the significance of healthy eating by holding exhibitions in schools, health talks and more. I strongly believe that, even as the government does its part, we as parents are the most important initiators of this lifestyle. This is especially important now as we have junk food options available at every doorstep. From our end, starting this September, we plan to make healthy meal deliveries to nurseries too and we have priced our menu as low as possible so as to encourage the concept more among the people.

6. Why the name 77 Veggie?

I got the idea of 77 Veggie from the dishes on our menu which plays around 77 different types of vegetables in creating deliciously, healthy meals. Even as we focus on the nutrient element of our meals, we do not forget the fun factor in it- we create a variety of dishes to encourage people to love vegetables and opt for a lifestyle change.


(Address: 77 Veggie Boutique, Tiffany Tower, Lake Level, Cluster W(opposite Damas building), Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.



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