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Gold Digger: Kanye West scouts the GCC for short film

Gold Digger: Kanye West scouts the GCC for short film

Got a couple of millions in your pocket? Fully fund the next Kanye West film in exchange for a cameo—if you think that’s a fair exchange.

February 5, 2012 4:41 by

“Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger…But she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas…Get down girl, go head get down. Get down girl, go head, get down”

Looks like Kanye West doesn’t fall far from his songs. We are in a bit of a daze at just how brazen certain rumoured intentions of the rapper have with the Middle East. The National this Sunday reports on reports from those in the know, that West is considering making a 30-minute short film that would “bridge the cultural divide and break misconceptions” set to be filmed in either Abu Dhabi, Doha or Dubai.

The hushed whispers suggest that this moviemaking project would be quite like Runaway, the 34-minute art-house film released to promote West’s album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye is no stranger to the region. He has performed in Dubai and has made an appearance at the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix in 2010. Sources tell The National Kanye fell in love with the region and this ’love’ was instrumental in his decision to film here: “His reps were discussing how he basically fell in love with the area after the F1 show and it became one of his favourite parts of the world.”

Kanye loves the Gulf? Who is surprised? Think of all the culture, the history, the sand and…we are forgetting something for sure, oh, of course, all the money.

Oh yes, the Gulf is rolling in the green stuff, and it would seem that is part of the appeal (read: the entire appeal) for choosing a location: “The way they pitched it would be for whichever territory they end up producing it in to completely fund it. And from what I’ve heard, there’s been a lot of interest,” said the source, adding that there might be cameo appearances for those who had invested in it.”

Woah, what is that? A cameo appearance for fully funding a film—what on earth could be a more rewarding exchange, right? The sad part is, Kipp doesn’t doubt that there actually will be a lot of people interested in throwing cash on a project like this. How can anyone be okay with this?

[UPDATE: A reader familiar with the situation has confirmed that Kanye West’s team have been in talks with production companies in Abu Dhabi. However, he reports that “funding in exchange for a cameo” has not been part of discussions at all. “The National got it wrong. They (Kanye’s people) are speaking with various production companies here. That’s it,” he wrote.]

We are reminded of the words exchanged between Morris Townsend and his well-to-do but rather dull love interest in Henry James’s classic: Washington Square. Townsend, who is of a working-class background, asks, if it isn’t a fair exchange, his good look, youth and charm for his lady’s money?

Perhaps on the larger scheme of things, it is a fair exchange—yet the idealist in Kipp can’t help but wish that local art houses and producers look to perfecting their own special brand of art to get recognition instead of tacking on an American pop idol for the same.

Besides, as an investor, would you much rather put your money in a project that you believe in? Well I suppose unless you were a young buck of an investor who’s a fan of self-loving ‘entertainers’ who frequently throws Diva tantrums and think themselves god-like and untouchable.

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