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Golden opportunity to lose weight in Dubai

Rows of gold bars

Win one gram of gold for every kilo you shed this summer

July 23, 2014 11:37 by

‘Your weight in gold’ campaign back for second edition.

The two-month gold campaign, sponsored by a number of organizations such as the DMCC, promises to reward participants with one gram of gold for every kilo lost and this year’s campaign has a different twist in an attempt to reduce child obesity.

The incentive also rewards families with overweight children; for every kilo a child loses, the family receives double rewards.

Kipp speaks with Ahmed Sultan Bin Sulayem, chairman of the DMCC, to findout why it decided to increase its sponsorship amount, in addition to understanding the fuel behind other initiatives taken on by the DMCC this year.

While we were slightly speculative on the tactic of offering such a lucrative reward, Sulayem explains: “It is inspiring when you see how many lives a campaign like this have changed and the potential for how many more lives it can change. To see more than 10,000 people wanting to learn more and wanting to improve is encouraging.The unique side of this initiative is obviously gold as a reward. The football World Cup, where the reward is the gold cup and gold medals, has just finished, so using gold to attract and encourage people to participate is common practice in all competitions.”

In understanding the rationale behind using gold as an incentive, we better understand the ‘why’ behind the campaign.

But Sulayem doesn’t believe the biggest winner has to be the person who wins the most gold. He says: “It is important to add to this that the real winners are not necessarily those who walk away with ounces of gold, it is those that adapt their lifestyle long-term; they are the ones that will see the real benefits of a healthy diet and exercise.

He continues to explain why the DMCC has increased its sponsorship amount by AED50,000 this year.

Sulayem says: “[T]he first sponsorship was not a number that was a minimum or maximum, but a requirement, so if AED200k is required now, then that’s what we do.”

The DMCC has also hosted a number of other health initiatives that aim to improve the overall well-being of residents and citizens of the city.

In 2013 the DMCC launched an event titled ‘Kobe Bryant Health and Fitness’, in which the hugely popular basketball celebrity took part in a star-studded basketball game to raise awareness about diabetes.

In addition, the DMCC has constructed a number of physical fitness amenities, such as a running track, in the JumeirahLake Towers area to allow residents access to practical means to improve their lifestyle. Sulayem concludes:  “Health is one of our most important values and we recognise that it is important to have a good work/life balance.

“There are synergies between a healthy lifestyle and strong performance, whether it is in sports or business. Staying healthy and avoiding toxic foods and toxic social pressures that come on a daily basis keeps you sharp, focused and more productive.”

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