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Grab your starter kit

Grab your starter kit

Whether you’re a new graduate or a veteran at changing companies, the first day at any role can set the tone for the rest of your stay at that job. So what’s your company doing about making it a better experience?

March 24, 2011 2:59 by

The poll went on to show that only 45.5 per cent were assigned a mentor or trainer to help them settle into their new job.

Throughout this week, we’ve looked at a variety of articles that touch on issues regarding the workplace, from salaries to the hazards of commuting to work.

For Kipp, nothing is as valuable as career and personal growth (at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we get our pay check every month). And the only way we could achieve that is by exchanging ideas with colleagues at work (when they’re not trying to steal our ideas), sharing ideas (when we’re trying to steal theirs) and working towards clear goals and objectives (pleasing the boss).

Finally, when the poll asked what these respondents thought was the most important constituent of an effective induction plan, 49 per cent said getting more details about job functions and expectations, 29.4 per cent indicated getting introduced to the corporate culture, mission and vision, 11.8 per cent said getting introduced to the company’s policies and procedures, 5.9 per cent said getting introduced to company amenities and 3.9 per cent said getting introduced to the company hierarchy and management team.

*Data for the poll was collected online between February 16 and March 11, with a total of 4,068 respondents from across the Middle East.

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