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Gulf’s roads of death

Gulf’s roads of death

Kipp’s poll asked readers what they thought was the biggest danger on Dubai’s roads. Here are the results, along with some disturbing stats on driving in the Gulf.

August 16, 2010 4:26 by

Anyone who’s lived or visited Dubai will be aware that there is a road safety problem. Recent stories in the news have only served to confirm this fact. Just this week the National features a story about the Indian Consulate’s recognition of an Indian man who pulled a number of people from burning cars following an accident on Al Sufouh Road near Dubai Media City. One person died in the accident, which occurred when a speeding 4×4 had a tire burst and crashed into other cars. And this particular stretch is not even a dangerous piece of road, compared with the high speed Sheikh Zayed Road or Emirates Road, for example.

And it’s speeding that is the biggest danger on Dubai roads, according to Kipp readers. Our poll showed that 43 percent of respondents – the largest group – feared speeding above all other hazards. Given the propensity of drivers to drive fast, and the high proliferation of high powered vehicles, you can understand why. Not to mention the fact that there are vast numbers of monolithic 4x4s that, if out of control, could cause disaster for other vehicles – as the Al Sufouh incident demonstrated.

Out of control could be a way to sum up the second placed danger. People trying to use their phones whilst driving are not in control, and it seems from our poll that readers understand this: 34 percent of Kipp’s respondents consider them the biggest danger on the roads.

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  1. in UAE on August 17, 2010 12:49 pm

    and we all know nothing will ever change here, as the worst violators feel above the law..
    The immature and frankly selfish mentality of many people once they step into a vehicle is one of the biggest problems, coupled with the lack of proper and consistant policing for all nationalities will never help this issue go away…

    Just avoid the roads at the worst times if you are able to do so

  2. Phil on August 19, 2010 8:41 am

    Traffice Police..or serious lack of them, unless there is an accident, where are they?? when they are there, what effect do they have?? None!! Western style policing of the roads would bring about the fastest change of Dubai’s chaotic road abuse


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