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Half of SMEs to open branches on the moon by 2020

Half of SMEs to open branches on the moon by 2020

‘Global domination is not enough’ say SME owners, stroking white fluffy cats in large black chairs. Kipp thinks confidence is one thing, but crazy schemes are another…

January 23, 2011 3:47 by

Kipp is all for a bit of ambition driving us to excel, but seriously? Fifty-eight percent? Too much ambition can be dangerous, and this seems like an awful lot. Too much ambition is what has taken Dubai to the edge of bankruptcy, in fact. Okay, you could argue that Dubai’s problems have also come down to greed, and in some cases that’s true, but isn’t greed just ambition for cash? Dubai’s phenomenal growth was down to ambition. The people who came here to get rich came because of ambition.

With another tough year ahead (everyone predicts low growth, 3.5 percent in a Reuters poll late last year), it seems unlikely to Kipp that a majority of small companies are going to be trading globally. Sorry, but there it is.

Now, we’re not concerned with people getting hurt feelings when they fail to achieve their dreams; no, our worries are more practical than that. What if they make bad decisions because of their ambitions? They could easily end up with over stretched and inefficient operations, highly vulnerable to the ebb and flow of the economy, not to mention competitors.

Al Emam points out that, “Increased confidence in the SME sector is encouraging and reflects a positive outlook for the overall UAE economy in 2011. The UAE Government has clearly demonstrated its commitment to building a vibrant SME sector as a cornerstone of economic policy for the country, which will support diversification and innovation.”

That’s all good, but Kipp would feel more comfortable with a bit more pragmatism and a bit less shooting for the moon. Let’s build good businesses here in the UAE before we conquer the globe.

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