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Haroon Lorgat

The current face of the Dubai-based ICC, how is he connected to the man behind the green mask?

August 14, 2008 5:51 by

Paul O'Grady

An English comedian and television personality, he achieved fame as his alter ego Lily Savage, a vampish Birkenhead woman. He currently presents the New Paul O’Grady Show, which airs on Channel 4 in the UK.
The 53-year-old started his career as a clerk in a magistrate’s court in England, and at one point also reportedly worked as a waiter in a brothel in Manila. In 1985, he debuted his drag character, Lily Savage, in the gay bars and clubs in London. The character became extremely popular and afforded Paul his own television show, Live from the Lilydrome. He later retired the character of Lily Savage and began appearing on television solely as Paul O’Grady.
His show generally has a mixture of celebrity guests, comic stunts and viewer competitions, and one of the people he interviewed is a judge of American Idol…


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