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Height of fraud

Height of fraud

Forty-two people are dead and at least 200 commercial airline pilots have lied about their level of experience. This Arab News editorial rails against fraudsters who lie about their qualifications.

September 8, 2010 1:50 by

These people had the lives and well-being of thousands of patients in their untrained and incompetent hands. How many unfortunate people died because of misdiagnosis or suffered unnecessarily because of inappropriate treatments can only be guessed.

The medical institutions that hired these cheats must bear some responsibility in that the initial interviews were perhaps not sufficiently probing. Moreover checks on the qualifications and the taking up of references ought to have exposed the deceptions. This said, however, technology makes forging qualifications relatively easy. In addition anyone intent on passing themselves off in the world of medicine may well have had experience in low-status hospital jobs, picking up enough of the jargon to pass cursory inspection when pretending to be a doctor.

There is of course another aspect to this scandalous behavior. All over the world young people are scrimping and saving to get through college and qualify as real doctors, real airline pilots, real engineers, real specialists, whose skills and knowledge will constitute a major contribution to society. The despicable ploys of the cheats with bogus qualifications are an insult to all the hard work and application being demonstrated by these bona fide and admirable students.

–          Arab News

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