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High hopes for hiring

High hopes for hiring

Hopes are high that reform sweeping in the Middle East means greater focus on easing unemployment, with more pressure on the government than the private sector to ease unemployment.

April 11, 2011 12:26 by

Similarly, respondents felt the onus for job creation lied on the government, with about

92.3 percent felt the government was responsible for this issue. Again this figure is to varying degrees from feeling they are only “only slightly” responsibly to being “exclusively” responsibly for job creation.

“The report also indicated several changes that governments should be considering in order to improve their country’s employment. In light of the recent turmoil, I believe we will be seeing a lot more of these come to light,” said Amer Zureikat, VP Sales,

Ideas for better employment

When asked to proffer ideas for improving the job situation in their respective countries. The consensus was pretty fragmented, proving that there can’t be the one solution for the problem of better employment numbers.

About 10 percent across the Middle East would like to see more jobs in the public sector while only 8.1 percent said improving the quality of education is key.

Close to 5.6 percent said there’s a need to foster a better environment for business; 4.7 percent wanted improved labour laws, 17.1 percent wanted a focus on anti-corruption and 3.7 percent focused on developing better transparency and legal guidelines.

Nearly half (48.1 percent) said all of the above, with a strong emphasis on stopping corruption, especially in Egypt.

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