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High hopes for hiring

High hopes for hiring

Hopes are high that reform sweeping in the Middle East means greater focus on easing unemployment, with more pressure on the government than the private sector to ease unemployment.

April 11, 2011 12:26 by

The study tries to end on a good note, saying that overall respondents are optimistic about the future, with 65.1 percent indicating they are optimistic about their career prospects while 64.7 percent are optimistic about their country’s economy.

A vast majority (86.5 percent) also indicated they believed it was possible to dramatically improve employment prospects through better public policies.

Finally, respondents also felt that the internet is aiding employment in their countries with 32.5 percent saying it helps to a huge extent; 22.7 percent saying it moderately helps and 44.8 percent stating it slightly helps.

About the study

Data for the poll series was collected online between March 11 and April 4 2011, with a total of 9708 respondents from across the Middle East.

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