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Hire power

Hire power

Boom! 66 percent of MENA employers to recruit this year. Kapow! 27 percent of UAE companies definitely hiring this quarter. Blam! Take that, recession.


January 31, 2011 4:02 by

More than half of the region’s employers plan to hire over the next few months, according to As per usual, the jobs website extraordinaire has teamed up with research bods YouGov Siraj, this time for the ‘ Job Index study’. The study found that 53 percent of the region’s firms plan to recruit in the next three months.

For those who like their stats UAE-skewed, Kipp can tell you that 27 percent of respondents said they would ‘definitely’ be hiring in the coming few months, with a further 26 percent ‘probably’ hiring. That’s 53 percent of employers potentially on the lookout for a young, vibrant website, thinks Kipp…

The survey also measured propensity to hire, with Saudi unsurprisingly leading the regional pack. In the Kingdom 36 percent of companies ‘definitely’ intend to recruit. Syria and Oman were the stragglers, with just 23 percent of employers certain they will recruit.

Of those regional companies who are recruiting, 46 percent said less than five jobs will be up for grabs, and 23 percent said between six and 10 jobs. Kipp doesn’t care to be honest, we’ll take whatever’s going. Five jobs is better than no jobs…

“Due to the global recession, regional companies seem to still be maintaining a climate of cost-consciousness and an emphasis on maximizing returns on investment specifically in the HR arena. This, however, has been seen to favour online jobsites such as where employers are aware that they can find the region’s top talent for key positions in the fastest, easiest, most effective and most cost-efficient manner”, said Amer Zureikat, VP Sales,, in a press release PR sledge-hammer comment so brutal we simply had to include it.

There’s some other research gubbins, like how honesty and trustworthiness are valued highly (there’s a shocker), and companies value people fluent in Arabic and English (well dur), but we’ve given the main numbers. It’s looking good for the jobs market.

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