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Hire power

Hire power

Dust off the CV, because companies in the UAE are getting ready to hire again. Apparently. Kipp looks at the latest reports.

August 11, 2010 4:35 by

There was good news on the economic front early this month when media reported that the jobs market appears to be bouncing back. Emirates 24-7 reported that it was good news for those under-paid and over-worked during the slowdown: “UAE Inc. is, once again, in the hiring mode, recruitment experts have confirmed,” said the website.

The former newspaper announced that sectors ranging from food manufacturing, consumer and retail to industrial and technology (especially IT and telecom) are all on a hiring spree, and aviation, logistics and transport sectors are ready to employ more than hundred thousand people in the next five to 10 years in the region.

“Food manufacturing sector has been in prominence over the last year or so, and is a hot place for employment opportunities, largely because many food manufacturing companies are coming up in the UAE,” Ian Giulianotti, Associate Director of Recruitment and Training for Nadia, a training and HR consultancy, told the paper.

Panos Manolopoulos, Managing Partner Middle East, Stanton Chase International, said, “We are going to see good hiring in the oil and gas, consumer, retail, industrial, education, technology, healthcare, wealth management and investment funds sectors at the middle and lower level management levels, but not at the same level and quantity as was the case before,”

Meanwhile on Monday a study by a global recruitment firm, the FiveTen Group, said there were 33 per cent more job vacancies in the UAE in the second quarter of 2010 in comparison to the previous quarter. The study also revealed that there had been a 113 per cent rise in the number of interviews taking place, quarter-on-quarter, as companies invest more resources in their search for employees, said Khaleej Times.

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