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Hire power

Hire power

Dust off the CV, because companies in the UAE are getting ready to hire again. Apparently. Kipp looks at the latest reports.

August 11, 2010 4:35 by

Of those that are likely to be employed, graduates or postgraduates in business management stand the best chance. According to the study, 26 percent of organisations around the Middle East favour employing staff that are qualified in this field. Furthermore, graduates or postgraduates in commerce, engineering and administration are equally sought after by the region’s organisations, with 24 percent of respondents citing personnel in these fields as highly desirable.

“Clearly, the Middle East, and more specifically the Gulf, is growing as a global finance and commerce hub, and as such, graduates in these fields are likely to find it easier than others to find employment,” said Sundip Chahal, Chief Operating Officer, YouGov Siraj. “The figures also indicate what types of industries dominate in this region, and it is clearly those concerned with business and trade.”

Being able to communicate in both English and Arabic is a desirable trait that employers look for when selecting new staff according to the study – 53 percent of respondents agreed this is what they look for most in a potential new employee.

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