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Hong Kong in six hours

Hong Kong in six hours

A Kipp travel tip to seeing the city from above.

August 5, 2009 8:42 by

If you find yourself, as Kipp did recently, with some time to spare in the South East Asian travel hub that is Hong Kong airport, why not get out and see a little of the city? More specifically, why not head up to the Peak (it’s also called Victoria Peak, but everyone drops the first name) and see a lot of the city, from above? Kipp decided to do just that, and here’s what we found:

Give yourself six hours to get there, have a look around and get back to the airport.

Remember to fill in an immigration form on the flight, as though you were ending your trip in Hong Kong. You’ll be able to leave the airport through immigration with just a stamp in your passport.

Change some money, follow signs for the Airport Express, and buy a same-day return ticket to Hong Kong Station from the machine (or the counter), which will cost you around HKD100. That sounds like a lot, but as you get just over two Hong Kong dollars to the dirham, you’re looking at less than AED 50.

Hop on the train (it’s very clean, comfortable and efficient), watch the monster tower blocks roll by, and hop off at the end of the line.

Now follow signs to the Star Ferry Piers. You’ll walk along a big walkway towards the sea. As you descend from the walkway at the base of the piers, look for bus number 15C. It should be open-topped, and will cost you HKD 4.20 (there’s no change available) for a 10-minute meander through a forest of skyscrapers to the Peak Tram Station at the base of the Peak. This is where the fun starts.

Make the most of your time in the long queue by watching tourists from the region photograph everything in sight – including each other next to Jackie Chan, as there is a wax model of the martial artist beside the ticket office for Madame Tussauds.

Kipp didn’t fancy seeing more of Tussauds at the top, but it’s worth buying a combined Peak Tram Sky Pass, which will take you to the top of the hill and give you access to the Sky Terrace platform with the best views of the city below.

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