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How are you coping with Dubai’s summer weather?

How are you coping with Dubai’s summer weather?

The results are in.

June 7, 2009 11:54 by

With temperatures in Dubai touching 47 degrees Celsius in May, weather experts have warned that June will be worse, with heat and humidity increasing.

“Temperatures for the month of May were not at an all-time high,” SK Gupta, meteorologist at the Dubai Meteorological Office, told The National recently. “But they were much higher than the average temperature for May. We had temperatures we would normally not see until June.

“The summer has just started, and we have a long, long summer in front of us,” he added.

But most of our respondents don’t think too much about the heat. “I don’t know what everyone’s whining about. [The weather’s] fine,” said around 54 percent of the poll respondents.

While 23 percent said that they are coping with the heat by staying indoors, another 23 percent said that they are unable to handle the heat and need to get out of Dubai.

According to The National, temperatures in June have been forecast to reach 48 degrees Celsius by mid-month, which is significantly higher than the month’s historic average of 39 degrees Celsius. Dubai’s highest recorded temperature in June is currently 47.4 degrees Celsius.

Though none of our respondents said that they are coping with the heat by wearing sunscreen or using umbrellas, it may be time to start bringing out those heat-busters.

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  1. Mike on June 7, 2009 3:50 pm

    In theory…. isn’t the whole country supposed to shut down if it hits over 50 degrees??? Isn’t that an international law?


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