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How do you de-stress?

How do you de-stress?

We aren’t even going to ask you if you feel stressed-because if you are working in the UAE chances are you are currently pulling your hair out…

April 2, 2012 3:34 by

Stress at the work place—as common as it is, young unemployed and privileged Kipp just could not wrap our minds around the concept of ‘stress’. We just couldn’t understand just how pushing paper all day could make you tense, tired and nervous. We had an uncle who suffered a nervous breakdown due to work-related stress and instead of being a thoughtful caring relative; we just crossed our arms in disbelief muttering about ‘some people’.

Having long since left that privileged point of perspective, Kipp knows being a stressed out employee is a very real phenomenon. And though we love our job to pieces—writing for you dear readers, what more could Kipp ask?—every now and then we feel our muscles seize up with tension and heads throb with pain. Remembering to take a deep breath every now and then goes a long way to de-stressing from a difficult corporate environment.

Workers in stressed out Hong Kong have resorted to ‘laughter yoga’ to distress.

Ho, ho, ha ha ha! Now laughter yoga is far from new-with the first official ‘Laughter Club’ being launched in 1995 in Mumbai, India. But Kipp wonders—how do you de-stress? Have you ever considered laughter yoga? Or is a long evening at one of the city’s many watering holes your idea of unwinding?

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