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How social media can cause food frenzy

Man eating a burger

Officials warn public to be more cautious about social media rumours

April 22, 2014 5:57 by

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) officials have quickly quashed social media rumours claiming that there was pork in McDonald’s products.

According to Gulf News, several Islamic institutions abroad claimed that McDonald’s condiments bound for Abu Dhabi, especially mayonnaise and spices, contained pork derivatives as they come from McDonald’s America.

Mohammad Jalal Al Raisi, director of communication and community service at ADFCA, told Gulf News: “When you find such a food safety warning, please cross-check its authenticity with the official social media accounts of food safety authorities, such as ADFCA. Food safety warnings are issued by authorities, not by individuals.”

According to Al Raisi, initial enquiries about pork contamination were received via its Abu Dhabi call centre last week. “Preliminary investigations found that it was a rumour that originated on social media.” Al Raisi says further lab tests proved that “non-halal” products were not present in the Abu Dhabi market.


This is not the first time that ADFCA has received reports about false food warnings. The authority has urged members of the public to not share food safety warnings on social media, unless they have been officially announced. Alternatively, consumers can report rumours or food safety enquiries to ADFCA for investigation.

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