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How Social Media Can Save Your Brand…NOT!

How Social Media Can Save Your Brand…NOT!

So just how social media-savvy is the Gulf when it comes to following brands? This YouGov Siraj survey reveals the truth behind the much hyped-up about phenomenon...

February 15, 2012 3:17 by

If we got a penny every time we received an press release on “how social media can save your brand” we’d be so spanking rich right now we could save the world from its impending recession. And as frustratingly repetitive as these press releases/articles maybe they are also a source of much amusement: after all, heralding social media (a good four to five years after its rise to popularity) as the “latest” way to stay relevant is a bit of a joke within itself.

So with all this rather untimely hullabaloo about the power of social media, Kipp along with our sister publication Communicate decided to put the questions out there to get a sense of just how receptive folks in the GCC are to following brands on social networking websites.

The findings? Pretty shocking, if we may say so ourselves. Take for instance, the fact that over 55 percent of those surveyed said they do not currently follow any brands on social networking websites. Or how about the fact that only 28 percent said they would look to Facebook to find out more about a particular brand?

Check out our groovy infographic for more.

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  1. Arti on February 16, 2012 3:13 am

    First thing which I noticed reading this survey is the mix of respondents. I am not sure if it reflects the real sex ratio of UAE and Saudi (with 35% respondents as females and 65% as males).
    Secondly power of media is not just in following brands and finding what is latest with them. A few reasons why organizations should care about media –
    1. Reference shopping – It is not rare to see people posting on fb on which phone they should buy? Or just asking friends what they thought of a particular store/brand.
    2. Expressing your discontent with a brand – This is so common and spreads like a viral. Survey does not seem to have asked respondents if they shared their good/bad experiences over the web.
    3. Social Media is not just about fb or twitter. It includes blogs, internet forums, to name a few popular ones in the region.

    Social media cannot save your brand if everything else is wrong. It is a strategy which has to go with other things you do. You cannot ignore it. And if you use it in innovative ways, you can be a winner in any region of the world.



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