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How the mighty have fallen

How the mighty have fallen

Petty Kipp unsuccessfully stifles a smile as property developer Nakheel begins to auction off cars, bikes and excess construction material in a bid to raise a few dirhams.

March 16, 2011 3:27 by

Young Kipp wasn’t quite the star of the playground. Yes, sure when we wanted to, we could capture the other kids’ attention; we could intrigue them with long winded stories or with the kind of useless trivia that amuse six year olds. But whenever we’d get around the climax of the story, BAM! The most notorious kid in our year, let’s call this kid Bobbie, would do something so totally bad-ass it would outshine poor little Kipp.

Growing up with Bobbie turned out to be an exercise in patience. We waited for that fateful day when we got thatFriend Request on Facebook from good ol’ Bobbie, who is now rather pudgy, hadn’t completed university and from what we could make out seemed to be in a ‘complicated’ relationship.

It was at this point, old Kipp, with all the maturity and wisdom that age brings, secretly snickered. And if you are going to tut-tut our trivial ways,stop. We know you do it too. The rise in popularity of Facebook meant that all over the world people get the satisfaction of seeing their past flames, childhood rivals and cheating ex’s become unsuccessful and unhappy and we know you aren’t any different.

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