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How to grow consumer loyalty in summer


COO of UrbanBuz give tips on growing and retaining loyal customers

July 9, 2014 10:26 by

 By Salam Saadeh, chief operating officer and co-founder of UrbanBuz


Keep it fresh and relevant

Take advantage of the slow season to re-energise your loyalty programme. You can start by running promotions that keep your customers engaged and interested.  There are a multitude of opportunities to structure offers around this summer, among them Dubai Summer Surprises, Ramadan and the 2014 football World Cup. A strong loyalty platform will provide you with a range of features to easily communicate new offers and increase traffic on particular days or during certain periods. Multiplier features, such as double points or credits on Mondays, or during Ramadan, are also effective.

Use a tiered system to reward loyalty and encourage repeat customers

Avoid rewarding new loyalty members to the same extent you reward your most beloved. As customers prove they are valuable to you, they should receive increasingly generous perks. A loyalty platform with a well-structured tiered rewarding programme will help you do this. If there is an opportunity for customers to move from one reward level to a more rewarding one, they will spend more and engage more with your brand. This is a tried and tested way to move your customers up the spending bands.

Spice up your incentives

Just like any long-term relationship, you need to ‘spice things up’ to keep it interesting. It’s important to keep introducing new ways for your customers to earn points or credits. On a versatile digital platform, you should be able to incentivise your customers for signing up to your programme, for referring friends, as well as sharing and promoting your offers on Facebook and other social media channels, or for performing any particular activity you like.

Re-attract lapsed customers

This is a highly competitive marketplace, so it’s essential that you keep checking on lapsed customers and inviting them back. There are a number of ways to re-engage with them: on a digital platform, automated credit expiration emails are a good tool, as are targeted promotional emails offering bonus points for return visits.

Incorporate your loyalty programme into your business

Your loyalty programme is a huge part of your business and can be a key differentiator for your brand. Take advantage of the slow season to re-educate your customers facing employees about the value of the programme and how they should be using it. Take every opportunity to discuss your loyalty programme online and across your social media channels.

Go social

Social media is the ideal platform for raising brand awareness. The number of ‘Likes’ your business has generated on Facebook or the number of followers you’ve got on Twitter are important measurables for consumer-facing companies. A Facebook app for your loyalty programme is an ideal way of converting casual observers into engaged customers.

Introduce an element of surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise gift every now and then? Surprise delights are a great way to re-engage lost customers, as well as keeping active members interested. With an agile digital loyalty platform, you can reward customers with extra points or credits on their birthdays or get really spontaneous and send top customers surprise gifts randomly.

Get feedback from existing members

Loyalty programmes are a dynamic, shifting work in progress. They should be constantly updated, improved and optimised. To fully take advantage of a digital loyalty programme, it’s important that innovative new features are regularly introduced. Gathering feedback is a particularly important part of that process – if you don’t know what customers like and dislike, you’ll never move forward. Customers often produce interesting insights for you to consider and then use that to improve your service. An improved service means one thing: improved profitability.

Collaborate with other businesses

Never underestimate the community effect. Another great way to boost your loyalty programme is to collaborate with non-competing businesses in your neighbourhood. Collaboration will allow you to acquire new customers faster and more efficiently at less risk and less cost than traditional promotional methods.

Make a game of it

Make your loyalty programme fun for customers. This is an engaging and appealing way of encouraging repeat customers and will help establish and solidify your brand. Ask your customers to do fun things, such as posting photos on Instagram or tweeting about your products, to win extra points. This will surely keep your customers more engaged during the long summer months.

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