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How to Hire the Best Marketing Professionals

The perfect marketing hire should bring fresh ideas, new methods of working, and contacts to your company. Here are some tips from for hiring the best marketing professionals around:

November 27, 2012 5:51 by

  • 1. Know the job inside out

    Being perfectly familiar with the job you’re hiring for is essential. You need to know what the candidate will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Will he or she be calling clients, or coming up with creative copy? Will the job require spending a lot of time outside the office or is it mostly a desk job? Such questions will make it easier to hire the right profile; a more outgoing candidate who will represent the company well might work better for a job position that requires dealing heavily with clients.

  • 2. Become that company everyone wants to work for

    Marketers are known to be dynamic; they understand the power of branding and so should you.  The best marketers want to work for the best companies, and being an employer of choice means working hard on building a reputation to attract the best marketers. It could be you’re your company is great to work for in terms of environment, great corporate values, or that you have a very innovative methodology when dealing with work.

  • 3. Look for the right skills in your marketer
    Marketers often need to do different things as a part of their job, so you need to look for solid foundational skills. A good marketer needs to be able to tell good writing from bad writing, and be able to edit copy when necessary. He or she should be able to understand data and grasp the importance of an ROI analysis. He or she needs to be a fantastic project manager, and be someone who has already demonstrated the ability to learn and apply. It’s not easy finding all these foundational skills in one person, but you should look for them as you interview different candidates, and grade accordingly.

  • 4. The perfect marketer is an exceptional communicator
    If a person can’t communicate him or herself efficiently, will he or she be able to communicate your brand? Probably not. Great marketers should be good at collaboration and have exceptional communication skills. Marketing is rich and complex, and teams need to work together with very clear objectives and constant interaction.

  • 5. Maintain an open floor for candidates to voice questions and concerns

    Candidates who ask you for clarifications, voice their concerns and pose insightful questions (such as: What is the reporting scheme? What is expected of me in the first few months? How frequently will I be appraised? What is the training provided for the role?) are revealing their true intentions and probably keen on joining your company . Be wary here of questions that can reveal possible lack of commitment or poor judgment in a first interview (e.g. How many holidays do you offer? How soon can I move within the company to a better role? How soon will my salary be raised? Are you strict about office hours? etc.)


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