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IDEX timed that right

IDEX timed that right

If you’ve got to sell military hardware, you could do worse than sell it the same time as the greatest regional unrest and uncertainty in recent history, thinks Kipp.

February 23, 2011 3:18 by

If you’re running or exhibiting at an annual umbrella expo, Kipp can imagine you’d be pretty pleased if it rained constantly for a few weeks in the build up to the event. Potential stockists, retailers and customers would have ample time to think, “Hmm, umbrellas could be a good seller in this weather.” The need would ensure a demand which would ensure a healthy attendance and presumably healthy sales.

Similarly, if you’re running Pest Control ’11 at a convention centre someplace, it’ll probably do you no harm if there’s some sort of infestation in the lead up to the big show. Who knows, you may even be tempted to release some bed bugs in a few hotels, or turn some cockroaches free in a mall or two.

So we can only imagine how it feels to be an exhibitor at IDEX this year. Though (unlike those untrustworthy pest controllers) attendees can have had little influence on the popular uprising domino effect we’re seeing across the region, they are surely best place to take advantage of it. Seriously, if we had a warehouse full of ballistic body armour, tear gas grenades, and rubber bullets, on the day the show opened we’d have been sitting there with our feet on a table, hands behind our heads, with a smug grin on our cheeky little faces. If people in the Middle East aren’t going to be tempted into making some serious military, defensive, and police investments now, when will they?

And they are, oh, they are. Just yesterday we reported on some of the biggest deals so far, including the UAE’s upgrade of its Blackhawk choppers, and some new planes for UAE forces. But now, just hours later, there’s another truck load of cash heading into the pockets of suspicious men named Hans from Europe. Let’s take a look at some more big new deals, worth up to squillions:

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