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IDEX timed that right

IDEX timed that right

If you’ve got to sell military hardware, you could do worse than sell it the same time as the greatest regional unrest and uncertainty in recent history, thinks Kipp.

February 23, 2011 3:18 by

Emiraje Systems, a joint venture between EADS Defence and Security from the UK and C4 Advanced Solutions, from little old Abu Dhabi snagged a contract to provide surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance system for the UAE Armed Forces. The deal is a heeeew-aaaaage AED 2 billion (you have to say it like that when there’s this much cash involved). Apparently the system will “federate, integrate, coordinate and maximize the combined efficiency of the UAE Armed Forces assets.”

This one isn’t confirmed, but is in the pipeline: Lockheed Martin says an agreement could be signed this Spring with the UAE for an anti-ballistic missile system (how cool does that sound?) worth as much as $7 billiion. We’ll bet that buys a lot of anti-ballistic-ness.

Hundreds of millions of dirhams also headed to: Nexter System (from France) for technical support for LeClerc tanks, to International Golden Group (from the UAE) for weapons, ammo and GPS, and Bayanat Co from Abu Dhabi for a bunch of data type services, including mapping and such.

There’s another joint venture on the cards, this one between Al Jaber and Diehl Defence who have bagged a contract to modernize and upgrade the UAE’s vehicle fleet (military not taxi).

And a slightly older deal has emerged: Bin Jabr Group signed a joint venture deal with Tawazun HoldingTawazun Holding, according to Gulf News, for the development of their NIMR vehicles, which are off-road extreme utility military vehicles. The deal was signed in November, but was only made public this week.

That’s just a taster. In fact, by the time you read this, Hans will probably have made another cheeky $200 million selling a rocket that could blow up your home town a hundred times over. We just can’t keep up.

We’re not a website that likes to stereotype, but we imagine that there was more than one Cuban cigar smoked this week by a middle aged business man in an expensive suit with several off shore bank accounts. This is going to be a good year to be in the killing game.

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