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If it isn’t Precious Abu Dhabi…

If it isn’t Precious Abu Dhabi…

Just when everyone thought Dubai’s darling days were over, Fashion TV announces plans of its first ever Fashion Hotel complete with 30 channels of Fashion TV and 50,000 fashion DVDs.

May 22, 2011 2:34 by

This past week Kipp has found ourselves reading several news stories on the wonderfully blooming hotel market that is Abu Dhabi. Good ol’ Abu Dhabi that everyone has suddenly fallen head over heels in love with. Do you detect a little cynical jealously from Kipp? Well, you can’t blame us if you do: after all we do bear a certain amount of loyalty to debt-ridden Dubai. The kind of loyalty that stings every time we read about how the precious capital is increasingly becoming an attractive location for businesses to set up.

Here is a quick review of hotel plans in the past week.

Exhibit A: Buddha Bar Hotel-apparently this luxury bar and restaurant is in talks to open a hotel under its brand in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Exhibit B: Kipp’s written on this one before, but did you know the very fashionable Nobu has plans to open a hotel in Abu Dhabi, on Reem Island, no less.

Exhibit C: And finally, how can we forget the news that Sofitel Abu Dhabi Capital Plaza is all set to open in the last quarter of 2011.

Stealing thunder, much?

But then, today Kipp found a story on AMEINFO that reminded Kipp of Dubai’s earlier days of glory. According to the article, Fashion TV announced plans, in collaboration with the Al Habtoor Group, to launch the world’s first ever Fashion Hotel, in Dubai at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ha! Take that AD—there still appears to be some who consider Dubai an attractive enough place to set up shop in. And what a shop it shall be. According to AMEINFO,  the hotel “will have 30-storeys and the exterior will display a projection using the world’s largest 100 metre LED screen, broadcasting the latest Fashion TV highlights, around the clock. Its 200 rooms will be equipped with the most sophisticated climate control, lighting and audio-video technologies and will make extensive use of the latest 3D equipment. They have access too to Fashion TV’s 30 channels, as well as the biggest Fashion DVD library in the world, offering 50,000 DVDs on the history of fashion.”

30 channels of Fashion TV? 50,000 DVDs on fashion? Talk about not only attracting the best hotels, but the best entertainment too. Oh well, we will bite our snide tongue for a second there, after all something is better than nothing,.

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