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Image is everything

Image is everything

Does the Middle East media represent Arabs poorly? And if it does, how can this be fixed? Communicate reports.

December 25, 2009 9:44 by

Clearly, the media does have a problem representing Arabs. But you only have to count the number of clichéd campaigns to know that: men on golden sands, women with henna tattoos, soaring falcons and so on.

Arabianeye’s event struggled to hone in on exactly how we’ve reached the status quo, or to provide any definite ways to break out of it. Perhaps that’s because the subject matter was, in the end, far too broad for one evening’s debate and a few eight-minute speeches. But it did at least contribute to the conversation with intelligence and insight, from both the panel and the audience.

The lively, thought-provoking evening left those in attendance much to contemplate.

The questions about Arab representation in media still need far greater definition. But the answers will come – with time, patience, and engagement. Events like this will surely help.


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