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In Pictures- Awesome Workspaces

They say you spend some of your best years at work: a daunting thought if you are boxed in a tiny matchbox doused in shades of grey from nine to five—but possibly a most exhilarating thought if you worked at some of Kipp’s favourite innovative creative havens.

November 3, 2010 9:11 by

  • Known for their inventiveness, Ogilvy & Mather’s took on their first interior design project with their Guanghzou, China, office. Designed by M Moser and Associates, the office is designed under the theme ‘A Carnival of Ideas’. The colorful office which is home to a merry-go-round amongst other fanfare even won an award at China’s Most Successful Design Award in 2008.

  • Imagine being able to work on your office relations and your tan at the same time? If this sounds like an interesting prospect for you, you’d probably love to work at brpr where they’ve put an interesting twist to the concept of meeting rooms. Complete with wireless internet, reclining sun chairs, sun tan lotion and bottles of Perrier, it comes as no surprise that clients love this Miami agency’s conference room. And with an air of relaxation and a steady supply of sun, we can’t help but wonder who wouldn’t?

  • It seems only logical that Red Bull the dispenser of so much energy should have offices that reflect its credo ‘Red Bull gives you wings.’ Their office is nothing short of amazing, from the gigantic slide that gets employees from one floor to another or to this nifty conference room which can transform into the perfect venue for a ping-pong match.

  • As employees personalize their cubicles, there is little uniformity in the offices of Cartoon Network; except, of course, that they are all characterized by the child-like fun and mischief that is unique to the Chanel.

  • Working outdoors is something few of us in the UAE would dream about, but you can’t deny the thought entered your mind during the few winter (or should we say moderate-summer) months. Designers from UK garment store Red or Dead take to their outdoor designing perch during the summer months. Complete with a communal desk, the airy office is made from reclaimed wood (including old British Telecom telegraph poles). Talk about a breath of fresh air, right?

  • As if we really needed a reason to want to work at Pixar? The pictures of Pixar’s creative havens speak for themselves, but we can’t help gushing about them anyway. Decorated with the quirky but aesthetically pleasing attention to detail that can be observed in their films, the Pixar office come complete with a soccer field, a pool, a games room and a very cool university at which employees can learn as much as they wish about the world of animation.

  • There is something about clocking in ten hours a day that really robs the adventure in life. But imagine if you were working at top-security agency 30 meters underground, in the side of a mountain at what used to be a nuclear bomb shelter bunker? That’d be cool. And that is precisely what the employees of Swedish internet provider Bahnhof must be thinking when they begin their day at their shady, hazy underground facility to which they can  only enter by passing foot-thick steel doors.

  • Did you honestly think Kipp would run a feature on the coolest office spaces and we wouldn’t include the abode of cyber giant Google? The company has received praise for the very innovative and creative environment that is particular to Google office, but Kipp thinks Google Zurich is quite possibly their most fun. After interviewing all 350 of the branches employees, they created an office that best reflects their employees. If the hanging cabins aren’t enough of a giveaway, the featured picture of their office, is undoubtedly inspired by The Alps. Kipp loves the playfulness of it all and thinks very highly of their effort to create a place that the employees wanted to work in.


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