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In Pictures: Designer Hotels

If you love fashion and all things designer related, Kipp guarantees you will enjoy clicking through this slideshow of hotel rooms designed by the crème de la crème of the fashion world.

May 2, 2011 12:32 by

  • At the height of the construction boom in the UAE, Kipp remembers the various ambitious projects being announced. Among them were, of course, designer hotels. Though some of Kipp’s less knowledgeable friends seemed a little shocked to find out such extravagances even existed, Kipp wasn’t. We’ve long known of the presence of such indulgences. Alas, in terms of experiencing such luxuries, we have to rely on the opinions of the better informed. Though this may soon not be the case if what Kipp heard is right that some of these properties like the Palazzo Versace apartments are going for almost half of what they initially went for. And so Kipp brings you a slide show of some of the world’s most famous designer hotels.

  • For people who care about: Spa indulgences, private marinas, high-fashion hotels

    Nightly rates from: AED 1,193

  • For people who care about: Japanese cuisine, modern design, the Armani brand

    Nightly rates from: AED 1,700

  • For people who care about: Ralph Lauren-designed rooms, Blue Mountain coffee, local Jamaican seafood

    Nightly rates from: AED 1,124

  • For people who care about: Punta Can, extravagance, crisp whites, the Caribbean Sea

    Nightly rates from: AED 1,300

  • For people who care about: Moulin Rouge, Musee D'Orsay, chic furniture

    Nightly rates from: AED 820

  • For people who care about:   Dale Chihuly, Gordon Ramsay, high-street shopping

    Nightly rates from: AED 1,517

  • For people who care about:  The Ponte Vecchio, Picasso, 12th-century medieval towers

    Nightly rates from: AED 872

  • For people who care about:  Fashion, modern design, Italian cuisine

    Nightly rates from: AED 2,667

  • For people who care about: Spa Indulgences, Manicured gardens, Private shopping in Berlin

    Nightly rates from: AED 764


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